Administration is a useful procedure for companies which appear to be viable (at least in part) as a going concern.

It is used as a rescue tool for insolvent businesses, allowing continued trading (where applicable) with a view to the sale of the business and/or its assets as well as potentially saving jobs.

Entering into administration can be done very quickly. The appointment of an administrator can be made by the Court, a qualifying floating chargeholder (such as a bank), the directors, the company or by one or more creditors.

The administration procedure usually lasts for a maximum of 12 months and is followed by an exit strategy (usually liquidation, dissolution or a voluntary arrangement).

A company may enter into administration with the aim of:

1. rescuing the company as a going concern; or
2. achieving a better result for the company’s creditors as a whole than would be likely if the company were wound up (without first being in administration); or
3. realising property in order to make a distribution to one or more secured or preferential creditors.

A company in administration is automatically protected from creditors commencing or continuing legal action against it, known as a moratorium.

A ‘pre-pack’ administration is where a purchaser is found for the business and/or its assets prior to the administration and a sale is effected immediately upon, or shortly after, the appointment of an administrator. This could be a sale to a connected party, which entails additional rules and requirements.

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